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Upper Limb Orthotics.

Cervical Orthotics:

Cervical orthotics are prescribed for patients with any condition indication restraint to flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation.


Types are:

Soft Foam / Plasterzote Collar  

Rigid Plastic Collars

S.O.M.I. Sterno Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer

Dolls Collars


​Upper Limb Orthotics:

​What are upper limb orthotics used for?

Upper limb orthotics can be used for a number of reasons; one such reason could as a result of injury. This could be through a sports or work related accident in these cases orthotics can help in restricting and controlling movement and provide support to an injury. They are also widely used in in many kinds of neurological disorders, such as:

• Cerebral Palsy• Spina Bifida• Multiple Sclerosis• Spinal cord injury• Peripheral nerve injury• Muscular Dystrophy

Suffers of arthritis can also benefit from the use of upper limb orthotics.


Are designated by the area they cover and hence the amount of support they give.
​They vary from Orthosis such as a simple Thumb Spica to a complete Wrist / Hand Orthosis. Most commonly they are completely static, or though specially modified versions can offer gradually increasing dynamic correction.
​They are manufactured from Polythene or leather, and in certain circumstances materials such as Neoprene.

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