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Spinal Orthotics 

Spinal Bracing
Spinal braces are designed to offer correction and/or support to the spine. They are used post and pre-op, and can be used as a non-invasive alternative to surgery.
The specific designs do not tend to vary being based on a cylinder, although cut-outs are added to reduce pressure, allowing easier breathing and to give ‘space’ for torsional movements. Specially designed pads can be added to the brace to offer increased correction where appropriate.
Braces are most commonly made of Polythene, (which whilst being semi-rigid allows some flexibility), or leather which tends to be more flexible, but not as durable.
Spinal bracing is used for many conditions from ‘short term use conditions’ such as Thoracic or Lumbar vertebrae fractures, to ‘long term use conditions’ such as Neuropathic Scoliosis.
Essex Orthopaedics have designed the SX Soft Spinal Brace
to accommodate low level Scoliosis, hyper mobile and low tone
The SX Spinal Brace is made to a bespoke cast, and manufactured from a low density foam lining for patient comfort and a thin high density outer shell to provide skeletal support



The SX Brace can be fabricated with a variation of reinforcements incorporated into the brace at the precise position requested:
Low, Medium, & High Density
.Straps can be leather or webbing backed, lap over or through loop fastening, or quick release webbing strap & buckle.
Ventilation holes can be added upon request in the position required.
Openings; can be front back or bi-valved.Lapels; can be fitted if required.


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