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About Us

Essex Orthopaedics has evolved into a team of dedicated technicians whose aim is to provide high quality Orthotic goods.


We manufacture orthotic devices for Orthotists and Health Authorities throughout the UK and Europe; we also manufacture a range of foot Orthotics for Orthotists, Podiatrists, Chiropodists and Physiotherapists.


Essex Orthopaedics is now synonymous with new innovations and technology.


The facility is recognised as being a state of the art plastic manufacturer, and the advance workshop is producing some of the most modern orthotics currently available in the UK.

Essex Orthopaedics manufactures a complete range of custom made Orthotic Products.

From simple insoles to complex ground reaction Orthotics, cosmetic calipers, corrective spinal bracing, collars, and all types of upper limb Orthosis.

Essex Orthopaedics is pleased to announce  partnerships with Sidas Technologies.  We now offer a complete service of Bespoke sports Orthotics.

Orthotic Returns

Essex Orthopaedics prides its self on the level of service and the guarantees that we are able to offer; over the years we have forged close links with some of the leading Orthotists throughout the UK, and in line with NHS policy, have remained independent from them as they are from us, to produce the best quality service and products for your clients.


Last year our percentage returns were 1.89% a figure which we take great pride in presenting to you for your consideration. But this figure can only be achieved by everybody working together to produce a complete Orthotic service, on behalf of Essex Orthopaedics I would like to thank you and your staff for your continual support in achieving this figure.


If you would like further information regarding our company, its services and product range; please call us for an informal discussion with regards to your requirements.


Thank you for your time, and custom.

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